Looking for "shaft coupler"

I want to run a gear reducer with a bench grinder motor.The motor has a "1/2-inch shaft threaded" and the gear reducer "3/4-inch with 1/8 slot plain shaft.Anybody knows where I can get a coupler.All the couplers I found on the Net and Ebay are for the same diameter shafts

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Mcmaster-Carr P/N 3084K33 Drill out the smaller bore and tap to match your shaft. The coupling shouldn't slip on the larger shaft even without a keyway.

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You can try MSC, McMaster-Carr, Grainger, mebbe goggle "power transmission" supply houses. Here in Brooklyn, there is Northside Power Transmission, but a long shot for this particular part.

Easy enough to make if you have a lathe, or even better, a friend with a lathe. :) Take 1.25" solid brass or alum or steel, tap one side, drill out the other, tap yer set screws, and voila, adapter.

They might also make something in a LoveJoy type coupling, you know, with the rubber interlocking fingers. One half would fit the threaded, the other half the unthreaded. Proly sold in separate halves, precisely for mixing/matching.

Curious as to why you are gear reducing your grinder. Seems to have possibilities! :)

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Aligning these things is not very easy (both to drill a very straight hole in the adaptor, as well as to tap straight, and align the motors it is all not easy.

I would just get a more matching motor. I would go the pulley route, if possible, or buy a diff. motor.

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What are you going to do with this gear reducer setup? For 1/2 hp you might be able to get away with cutting a short piece of garden hose and forcing it over the 3/4" shaft and slipping it over the 1/2" shaft and using radiator hose clamps.

The correct way to couple a stationary motor with a stationary load is with a spider setup which allows for tiny misalignment and also cushions the torque slightly.

If you had a lathe you'd probably not ask these questi> I want to run a gear reducer with a bench grinder motor.The motor has a

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Grant Erwin

Good advice. Altho a lovejoy coupling does cut you a lot of slack, in those regards.

As far as the OPs purpose for this, if it's more for blade sharpening, Sears sells one of these low-rpm wet wheels, about $30. Sears calls it a Utility Grinder. Got it, haven't really used it, proly my eyes were bigger than my stomach.... as usual. :) But, more importantly, it is sitting there, waiting to be used, and it looks good sitting there... :)

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Get a coupler and a reducer bushing for the smaller end. You can use a bronze oilite bushing in a pinch.

Try brows> I want to run a gear reducer with a bench grinder motor.The motor has a

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I once needed 2 identical couplers for different shaft sizes. I bought one coupler for one sized shaft, another for the other sized shaft. Then I pulled them both apart and reassembled as required. May not be the perfect answer for you, but no machining required!

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Go to your local bearing house (Motion, Applied etc.) they can fix you up with a Lovejoy jaw type coupling (or most any other kind) with the shaft diameters you need. They stock hubs and elements separately and mix and match as you need them.

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Thats why Hardinge invented 5C collets.

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