Looking for Tampa Bay Area (Florida) Clubs

Is anyone aware of any metalworking clubs that reside
in the Tampa Bay, Florida area? I have searched the internet but
cannot find any. If not where would be the nearest club?
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James Flanagan
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Jim, I am not aware of any clubs in the Tampa area but I'm also interested. I've got a good home shop in South Tampa and am always willing to help, share, assist, etc., within my capability. Contact off list is fine. Jim S.
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Jim Schwitters
I am North of Tampa (Spring Hill). Have all my machining equipment in the back of my hangar, The problem is that I am relocating to NH in the summer ( I not so stupid to move in the winter, but really stupid to move period). Don't ask me, ask my wife.
May have some goodies to get rid of.
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Merle Wagner
i wish someone would start a group and possible get ashow going in florida. iam in maimi and i see so manny snowbirds that are machinist, let me now if you find anyhting. email me direct.
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I've been to your shop. I'd consider divorce first before giving up your setup. :-) Sorry to see you go.
Jim Vrzal
Merle Wagner wrote:
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Don Warner, Sarasota Fl ------------------------------
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