Mazak Slant 50 chip tray

My company recently purchased an old Slant 50 1500 lathe. 1500 is the
between-centres length, I believe. Anyway, while the thing DID com
with a conveyor, the coolant tray and pump are long gone. Don't even
suggest I get a quote from Mazak for this thing; last time i did that
was for a machine half the size and half the age. Came to something
like $10000.
What i COULD use are some dimensions for these components so i could
make my own up. Anyone?
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Keith Green
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Typical Mazak tank construction is of the conveyor over tank design. (vs conveyor in-tank). Block up the conveyor to just underneath the machine, then start measuring for the tank. Make sure to put a lip to go back under the edge near the casting.
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