Rust-lick 50-50?

Awl --
Seems to be the WD40 of soluble oils, these days.
Good choice? Economical choice? No demanding machining, for a Fadal, 30
gal reservoir.
Cheap sources? Traverse (in NY) wants about $135 for a 5 gal pail. holy
Not a real big per-gallon diff in price between single gallon jugs and 55
gal drums!!!
But the real Q is: Should I add a rust inhibitor? Bacteriacide?
I got an aerator going in the tank, and a skimmer, but I haven't used the
skimmer in a while.
Mebbe when I get all the old crap out of the tank, wash the tank, and fresh
coolant I'll get the skimmer going again.
I'm just finishing up an old (free) supply of KoolMist soluble oil, more for
saws, but which the jugs say can be used in VMC's as well.
But, I don't think it's the best stuff.
Heh, I'd like to experiment with a non-foaming dishwashing liquid.... in
principle, DAT should function like a soluble oil coolant.....
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Best, Steve
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In the Fadals I just use Chevron Soluble oil B--which should be readily available for local pickup any time at whoever it is that sells Chevron oil and lube products in your area.... if I'm not mistaken the "B" stands for bacteriostat and so there's probably no need for any additional.
Here's the sales sheet:
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Last time it was around $85 for the 5 gallon pail but I just called and it's currently back down to ~$71.00--seems like prices tend to lag behind crude by six months to a year...hmm maybe stock up soon...
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Uhh Clem
Bad idea unless your favorite color is "rust brown" and you enjoy replacing ball screws, spindles, bearings etc.
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Uhh Clem
Heh, it's nice to see a group where Joe788 really IS joe788! Etc.
Nice that the thread is so recent, surprised it was so short. No one mentioned Sam's Chevron soluble B.
At $71/bucket, it's HALF of effing RustLick. NOW, iffin I could only FIND it, locally....
I think companies are overcharging for this stuff. But, then, I hear that the effing EPA really makes life difficult, as well. I'll refrain from conspiracist ramblings.... :)
It's kind of dismaying as to just how much of this stuff is consumed, during machining, at least in Fadal-type VMC's. And mine is proly more enclosed than most, as I have a 4x8 sheet of plywood on type, and I catch any leaks. And even with my shitty li'l 10 ipm/1000 rpm prototyping/J'gMO, I can go through a cupla (mixed) gals a day.
In a thread I started on this consumption issue, someone else mentioned a phenomenal consumption rate, but proly in line with heavy production -- I think the approx equivalent of 5 gals of unmixed oil. Which I spose is actually a GOOD thing, when you consider all the resulting parts..... which unfortunately is not my case. :(
So basically, right now, I'm just innerested in conserving, since I don't do anything exotic or demanding.
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