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Awl --

I'm looking for a good supplier in the northeast, altho I spose if someone was cheap enough elsewhere, it could offset shipping.

I have dealt with Standard Tube Sales in Mass. extensively, and it became my mission in life to absolutely avoid those g-d assholes. They used to have a warehouse in NJ, but closed it.

I actually went to different materials just to avoid them. Their minimal website bespeaks their effing arrogance. BUT, they now deal in SS tube, as well, and CR may be req'd, so I may have to deal with them again They carry a very complete inventory in CR and DOM, and seem to dominate distribution-wise, in the NE.

The cold-rolled sizes I deal with are anywhere from 1/2 x 1 rect. to 2" sq, all 16 ga, and SS round tube, mostly 1" 16 ga, 1 1/8 18 ga, and 1 1/4 16 and 18 ga. I had one supplier some time ago in NJ, whose name escapes me, very good, except they didn't make the 1 1/8 size.

Thomasnet.com is always an option, but goddamm, they don't make it very easy -- listed companies pay for "rankings", so sorting etc. can be hobbled.

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Here are my suppliers in Cleveland. Nice people!

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