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I have an older yale forklift model #& year unknown. no literature It has a chrysler slant 6 with hyrdostatic drive. The power steering & lift hydraulics seem to be using the same resevoir. The transmission oilpan has 2 drainholes about 3 inches apart. Whats that all about? Theres a dipstick close to the end of the steering column entering the differential casting. Another dipstick is in the breather cap of the lift oil resevoir . I need to know what kind of oil goes where & the proper procedure to go about changing it thanx jerry

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If you have a model or serial # a Yale dealer should be able to get a manual for you. Lift Truck Service in Sacramento got me one for about $50 IIRC.


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readers get this for $5.00

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Best thing to do is to get a real manual. Tough to do if you can't come up with the Model # and the Serial #. Are you sure there's no stamped steel plate on the dashboard, or on the back of the starter battery rack? If you absolutely can't come up with the Model and Serial #s, you may want to try taking a set of photographs and showing them to the yale dealer. Heavy equipment dealers are usually helpful people.

If, on the other hand, you want to wing it:

  1. Never seen two drain holes 3" apart like you describe. Don't know why the designer did that; sorry, can't help you here.
  2. Differentials always have oil; 90 weight gear oil is a good guess. Certainly nothing with foaming detergents. Drain the old, and fill it up to the dipstick mark with the new.
  3. I've always used cheeze tractor hydraulic oil in fork lifts for the lift oil. Again, just drain out the old if it's ancient, and pour in the new up to the mark on the dipstick. It's about for a five gallon pail in most auto part stores. I've been told that the stuff is actually just straight mineral oil, but I do not know if that is true.

Best of Luck!

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My knowledge of Yale is limited, but the G83 series used the slant six. I think that was 60s-early 70s vintage. Your local Yale dealer can get you parts and service manuals, although you'd better sit down when they tell you how much. Either the parts or the service guys should be able to id it from a picture.

The dipstick by the steering column should be for the transmission. The G83 series used about 10 qts of ATF in the trans and 2.5 pts of gear oil in the diff. There are drain plugs for the diff.

The manual trans used gear oil in a common reservoir for the diff and trans and ATF for the wet clutch.

On the G83 series, you can use standard hydraulic oil for the lift. If there's a Saginaw steering gear, it calls for 4oz per gallon of a special oil additive. The hydraulic tank takes a little over 8 gallons.

Your local NAPA autoparts store can get you replacement filters.

Parts availability is pretty good, but alternative sources are cheaper. I had Yale quote me $170+ on a clutch plate that I was able to get for $60 from a local clutch rebuilder.


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Ya got it running?


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