Metal question (no kidding!)

I want to use some free pieces of granite to make water features. This will probably evolve or go down in flames, but I'm going to start with two types.

The first will be horizontal, using a large base piece of 3/4 granite, then successively smaller jagged pieces to form a rough pyramid. I want to use rod to support these, so that there is maximum see through space. Each "tower" would probably have no more than four square feet total pieces of granite to support. I want to tie them all together for strength and stiffness so that no "tower" is really free standing.

On the other, they will be mounted in a sheet fashion vertically, and the water will flow down the face. On those, I will have to bend hanger rods.

What would be the best metal rod to use? Stainless? Brass? Bronze? Marine stuff? I do have one of those shop benders that I have never used before, so should be able to get nice looking repeatable bends.

I don't mind it patinating, but don't want it to eat through. The water here is hard, and this will be using the local irrigation water because it's cheap, cheap, cheap.

Sources appreciated, but will try to buy local and save shipping. Might even get lucky and get some scrap. I can get stainless scrap, but it's all sheared flat goods. That would work, too, but then I'd have to get some TIG gear, which is a possibility. On edge and braced, that would be very strong, and visually attractive.


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Well, without a drawing or something, It's hard to guess what the load will be, but I would try bending strips of your stainless scrap into "V" shapes and setting the stone on several of them. They would be "see through" in one direction, but not the other. Might be able to make a bunch of short "V" pieces and weld a piece across the open part of the "V" for additional strength.


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