forklift VS blacktop

My lot is now repaved, when they dug out the old blacktop the ground
underneath was soft and mussy. They dug it down 2 feet and filled
with large stone then 2A with blacktop over top. I dusted the top
with lime (cause I had some) to get rid of the stickyness and lighten
the color so the sun does not heat it so much. Started driving on it
Tuesday. Forklift is apart for a brake job right now.
Time will tell.
Walking on the old suface was like walking on Jello.
I now have a 36 volt charger for my 36 volt truck. the old 24 volt
charger is for sale. I guessing it's worth $100 in scrap, so any
offer over that I'll take. it works just charged the 36 volt battery
really slow, and not quite full.
See business listing in lehighvalley Craigs list.
formatting link

Thank You,
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Good luck with it, I would have gone for concrete personally. Concrete is the norm for most parking lots here in the Dallas area anyway.
I charge my 24V forklift with a small 10A 24V charger, it takes a few days, but does the job.
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Pete C.
You didn't mention anything about compacting the stone with vibratory and regular rollers. Without that, you will soon have the same problem you did before. I watched as the contractors prepared the area around the new 1/2 of our industrial build. Worked the better part of a week before any asphalt paving was placed. Then it was also rolled many times while it was hot.
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Drive on it early in the morning.
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They had a vibratory roller, and ran it over each layer. I think think they had the vib turned off when they did the hot blacktop.
If I had the chance I think I would have had a few yards of block fill concrete (extra wet) dumped over the big stones to fill the viods and stiffen things up.
I do have a 3' retaining wall along one side, I'm thinking water may be going under the wall and up into the ground under the drive. going to drill a few weep holes thought the wall this weekend. borrowed a Hilti from my friend (electrian).
Thank You, Randy
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