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Hi, I?m trying to I.D. an old Dalton I just got. ( Oregon, March 2017) It
has Dalton Six cast on it and the end plate says New York. The Patent plate
indicates Patents from 1914 to 1922. Therefore I guess it was built in 1922 or
after, and until 1925 when Dalton moved from New York. It?s not large. I?m
not a machinist and do not know how to run a lathe ( but will learn). However,
it has about an 8? swing and spindle to chuck face is about 16? max. Where are
there other markings or casting numbers that might tell me what it is? I?ve
attached a picture. Thanks. It is very COOL!
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Jim Wilkins
Why are dozens of polytechforum users suddenly buying old Dalton lathes -after- reading how much trouble fellow forum users are having getting parts and manuals for them?
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Larry Jaques

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