Myford ML7 and ML10 oilers


Does anyone know if the thread for the oil cups on an ML7 is that same as that on an ML10 ? I'd like to fit some sight /drip oilers on an ML10, but don't have an ML7 to compare with - all the sight oilers I've found for sale are advertised to fit ML7s, and none of the people selling them know anything about ML10s........



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Mark Rand RTFM

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Mark Rand

The ML7 has a 1/8th BSP thread on the oiler, which is 28TPI with a major diameter of 0.383", if that's any help.


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Peter Neill

the problem on the ML10 is clearance for the oilers with the belt cover. I fitted wick feed oilers to my ML10 many years ago and the front one just scrapes the side of the belt cover, and I had to cut a slot in the cover to clear the rear oiler. From what I've seen of the sight feed oilers for the ML7, I think you would have to fit cranked adaptors to get them to clear the belt cover, or carry out fairly major surgery on the cover to accommodate them fitted directly in the existing holes.

My ML10 is the original model and there is no thread in the oiler holes, the original oiler being a mild push fit in a plain hole. I had to turn up adapters to fit the wick feed oilers. I dare say it would be possible to drill and tap the holes to suit whatever you might want to fit.


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Jim Guthrie

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