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I'm restoring an old MYFORD ML7 that I bought recently - there are a couple of bits and pieces missing which I should be able to make or buy equivalents - but I can't work out what the original threads were.

The treads in question are used to hold the changewheeel cover on

- they could be 1/4 BSF or 0BA - but I can seem to make up my mind -

0BA studding seems to fit quite loosely and 1/4 BSF seems to bind.

Looking at the Myford spare parts list (these particular parts are not listed) there are plenty of 1/4BSF threads but no mention of 0BA (although there are many 2 and 4BA threads used) - so my guess would be 1/4BSF.

Has anyone got better information? - I guessed if anyone was going to know I'd find them here.


---------------------------------------------------------- Steve Randall G8KHW UKRA #1072 Level 2

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Steve, just had a look - both the threaded stud and the thumbwheel are

0.247" OD and fit 26TPI so I would shoot for 1/4" BSF.
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