Myford ML7 Headstock V Belt size

I've just bought an old Myford ML7 Lathe - however it didn't come with the headstock V belt - My best guess is that it is about 13mm wide and

640mm long? Can anyone confirm this for me please.


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It's a 23" inside length, A section belt (1/2" wide)

For completeness, the motor belt is a 34 1/2" inside length, Z section ( 3/8") belt.

Regards Mark Rand

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Mark Rand

Steve, Mark has filled you in on the sizes - if you are looking for a supply of the belts, try tony &at+ - think they were about £8 each last time I bought some.

Usual disclaimer, etc....

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Duncan Munro

To save a lot of trouble in the future get some of the NuTLink or Brammer belts from your local bearing supplier. It's normally supplied by the metre, one of A section and one of Z section will do for both. It's quieter, and saves stripping the head in future. If you do use these remember to install with the narrower tapered end pointing in the direction of belt travel.

Don't buy it from a "Model Engineering Supplier" - it's twice the price!!

-- Steve Blackmore

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