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From the pictures in the ML7 manual it looks like the tumbler reverse gears (18 and 20T) are the same design as the changewheels - can anyone confirm this? do they have the same hole size ? are they slotted like the changewheels? Is the 20T tumbler gear interchangeable with the 20T changewheel?

Sorry for all the detailed Qs - Thanks in advance.

Steve Randall

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Steve, as you might expect, the tumbler gears are designed to mesh with the changewheels but the mounting holes are different sizes and the tumbler gears are not slotted like the changewheels. The changewheels fit a (nominal) 5/8" shaft, while the tumblers fit a 1/2" shaft.

At least that's the way things are on my ML7, which has Tufnol tumbler gears. (When I first got my new-to-me lathe, it took me a while to realize that what I had assumed to be "extra change wheels" were simply the original tumbler reverse gears.)



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Do you need some? I made a small number of Myford size tufnol tumbler gears last year, & have a couple left. (In my innocence I did put keyways in them.)

Cheers Tim

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The single 20T tumbler gear is keyed and sits on the same shaft diameter as the other change wheels. Its the twin tumbler reverse gears that are different and cannot sensibly be changed. To change the 20 T gear just undo the stud holding it onto the shaft and it will slide off. At least that's how it is on the Super 7 and I guess it will be the same as the ML7


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