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Can anyone identify this set of tools? I picked it up at a garage sale the other day. Who could resist for $2 ?

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Steve Mulhollan
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Looks to me to be hand turning tools for a metal lathe. the ones with teeth would be for threading.

My guess anyway.


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They are internal and external thread chasers - used for cleaning up or finishing threads cut on a lathe or. cleaning up old threads.

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Looks like a small scraper of some sort, and some thread chasers for inside and outside threads. I've got a handful of these, they have proven useful now and again for cleaning up threads. I did try to cut a thread with one from scratch and found it not very easy. I'm sure with practice.....


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Jon Anderson

See if the pitch matches standard threads.

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Jim Wilkins

Thread chasers.

We have a large assortment of them at work.

Each should be marked with a pitch. If the ends of the cutting tips are rounded (the root and crest of thr thread) then they may be BA or Whitworth thread chasers, but like as not, are Unified form.

Usefull enough when it comes time to clean up a dinged up thread. In theory you could cut a thread with them. In practice, it'd take a lot of practice!

Cheers Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones

On Tue, 20 May 2008 10:59:31 -0400, with neither quill nor qualm, Steve Mulhollan quickly quoth:

Good buy!

What's the name on the side? You didn't catch any closeups there. I'm betting they're some sort of shoe/boot or leatherworking tools.

A name might help.

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Larry Jaques

Yep -- the original "thread chasers" -- some for exterior threads, some (the ones with the threads on the side for internal threads.

They took some skill to use. :-)

Enjoy, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

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