Need Help - Stainless Steel Tubing

Can anyone give me a link to an online supplier of stainless steel tubing?
I'm looking for someone who will sell small quantities (sometimes one
Also, how does one go about bending stainless steel tubing? In particular,
sizes up to 1/2" OD.
Thanks ahead.
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Ned Buntline
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Can't help with the suppliers unless you want to get it in from Australia, but you can cold bend annealed seamless stainless tube up to 1/2" without too much trouble if you have a proper tubing bender.
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Tom Miller
Alright - who's the Australian supplier? I'd like to get some around 30-35mm OD.
Tom Miller wrote:
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In the USA try
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pricey but they have stuff.
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No idea. Carefully?
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David Utidjian
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- they sell stainless steel tubing in a wide variety of sizes. Also tube benders.
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Mike Henry
--Give these guys a call; sometimes they have rems: 1-800-ALL-TUBE
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