Need source for hardened screws

I need some odd little screws to secure the bed knives on reel mowers.
They are 1/4-20, 1/2" long with a flat slotted head. What makes them
unusual is they have little serrated type lock washers under the heads
(tapered to match the head of the screw) and they are hardened
(probably case) with black oxide finish.
The reel mower co. charges $1.00 each! Surely I can get them cheaper.
Thanks for your help.
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How many do you want? I don't have any, but as someone who works for a company that keeps a large stock of replacement parts, there's a reason the price seems to be so high.
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Robin S.
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lots of products for reel mowers and other golf course turf maintenance stuff. Good prices and they ship out the same day. I bought a bunch of those screws, I think they were pretty reasonable.
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