source for special screws?

I'm reworking a bunch of old Ridgid hand ratcheting pipe threader die heads that
I got a killer deal on. These have a cast iron plate on the top fastened with 3
or 4 screws which are unusual screws. They are as best I can tell, slotted oval
countersunk head machine screws, 1/4-20x3/4", but the very circumference of the
head rather than being a sharp line where the vee of the countersunk head meets
the curve of the oval top, the head has a curved profile. Machinery's Handbook
says "may be rounded". My problem is I can't find a local source where I can buy
Ridgid parts, I can't order them from Ridgid, I can't find an online dealer, and
I can't find an online or local source (Seattle area). They are black oxide but
I don't really care about the finish.
The reason I'm not just going to reuse them is that the tops of these pipe dies
have taken a beating, and the highest point is the tops of the screws, and as a
result the screw slots were almost peened closed. I was able to get the slots
opened enough so a hand impact tool could crack them loose and remove them
(whew) but I don't want to reuse screws with slots this damaged.
Anyone know a source?
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Grant Erwin
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The only reason why I'd want the exact same kind of screws is to "restore" the tool. You can always chuck up a standard screw in the lathe and round the heads off as an alternative method of getting the screws to that shape.
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