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Hi everyone. I just wanted to invite anyone who has an interest in casting to our new group.

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This group was started by Clint Driggars in response to a course change at Hobbicast.

What once was a free and open discussion has deteriorated to a ruthless dictatorship. They have driven off a lot of good people and alienated even more with their tactics. All of a sudden, the new moderator has taken it upon himself to limit the discussions to strictly casting. Even talking about the group is a no-no. It is not considered casting related. They have gone so far as to delete messages they don't agree with! Someone stood up and called a spade a spade, or more specifically he called the new moderator a Nazi, and was promptly unsubscribed. I have been watching their membership numbers drop ever since.

Please check us out and take advantage of our file and photo space. We want to make this what Hobbicast once was.

Thank you,

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