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I've emailed you a couple of times to see if you have a manual for a KO Lee S714 surface grinder, but haven't seen a reply. I'm quite willing to pay for either an original or a copy and hope that I didn't give you the wrong impression in email.
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Mike Henry
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Mr. Henry, have you called KO Lee? They're alive and well and may be able to help you. I got a model S612 and rebuilt it a few years ago. At that time they were able to get me a parts manual but I suspect it was for an SE612 but it was still very helpful. I found that the whole machine is pretty easy to suss out without a manual but unfortunately my spindle bearings were shot so I had to rebuild my spindle. That's where KO Lee support was invaluable. They faxed me their procedure for rebuilding that long-obsolete spindle, and I was able to do it and the spindle runs fine. The tech support guy I talked to was named Doug. The company's phone number is (605)225-5820 in Aberdeen, SD.
Beyond that, I have learned quite a bit about surface grinding itself from reading machining texts, taking some shop classes, and talking to machinists.
Before you can use a mag chuck from a different machine it *has* to be ground in. Before you can do precision grinding you *have* to true and dress the wheel. On small manual grinders use a dressing stone to ease the corner radii on the wheel to get a much better finish. If you are grinding and suddenly it gets different your wheel is loading up, time to use the dressing stone to open it up again or use the diamond to dress it. Use blocking (backup steel pieces touching your workpiece to support it) on the mag chuck. Go real slow when you're approaching the initial contact. When you get overconfident and divebomb the wheel into the work is when you will shatter your first wheel which will terrify you. Make sure your ways are lubricated and remember that .0005" is a big cut for a little grinder.
Take it easy,
Grant Erwin Kirkland, Washington
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Grant Erwin
Hi Grant,
Yep, I've contacted KO Lee but they no longer supply the manual. They were happy to send me a parts diagram and list, though. A kind seller on Ebay also sent me copies of the chuck dressing/resurfacing and grinder lube instructions. It's possible that an operating manual won't have much more info than what is in contained in books or other shop reference material, but I'd still like to get a manual. I'm anal that way, I guess.
Congrats on rebuilding the spindle - that's a job that would scare me a bit.
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Mike Henry
just received these manuals; scanning these right now, leaning towards
selling clean scans via email, or burned to CD; hardcopies also availa-
BARBER-COLMAN Model 3HM, wiring schematic only
*BECHLER Automatic Lathes, A Type, Instruction
1)M-105A, install/op/maintenance
2)M-105E, install/op/maintenance
1)AC Motors, ballbearing type
2)Motor Protecting Switches, Types N2 & NK2
1)No. 0 & 0G Automatic Screw Machines, Parts manual
2)No. OO & OOG Automatic Screw Machines, Parts manual
BURGMASTER Model OB drilling/tapping bench size: Service manual
*CINCINNATI No. 2 Centerless Grinder:
*CINCINNATI 4 Spindle 360 Automatic Profiler, Service/Parts
*CLAUSING 12" Series 5900 Lathes; Op/Maint/Parts
1)Type 7 & 7A Hi-Speed Gear Shaper, Parts manual
2)3" Fine-Pitch Gear Shaper, Parts manual
3)Type 7 Hi-Speed Gear Shapers, Instruction
4)Type 4AGS Gear Shaper, Instruction
5)Type 7 & 7A Hi-Speed Gear Shapers, Instruction
6)Type 7 Gear Shaper, Parts manual
GLEASON No. 2A Straight Bevel Gear Generator, Instruction
*HARDINGE Model HC/HC-R Operator's manual
*HARDINGE Model AHC Chucker Operator's manual
HARDINGE Model AHC Chucker, Parts manual
*HARDINGE Model AHC chucker, Operator Difficulties & Cures
HARDINGE Model AHC, Maintenance manual
*HARDINGE Model HC, Auto Threading Unit, Maintenance manual
HARDINGE Model HC Chucker Maintenance manual
*MILWAUKEE/KEARNEY-TRECKER Model K Plain/Universal Milling Machine,
Parts Manual
*MOORE Jig Borer, Model No. 2, Op/Maint/Parts
*SNOW-MATIC Rotary Turrets/Indexers
*STROHM Model M125 Automatic Screw Machine
email any questions/replies, tnx in advance
carson city, nv
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