New View of Fukushima 1 and 3

Click on the picture. Then click on the expansion box that will pop up in the lower RH corner. It opens up to be pretty huge.

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I think the number 1 reactor is at the bottom and number 3 at the top. I don't see the containment cap laying on the ground anywhere in the picture, so I may have been incorrect that the containment cap was blown off as it appeared to be in the video of the explosion of the number 3 reactor building. Unless the cap flew far enough that it is out of the bounds of this picture or is obscured by the smoke at the top.

There does appear to be steam rising out of the number 3 reactor containment though. This COULD indicate that the cap blew open and that the seawater pumped in to cool the reactor vessel itself is becomming vaporized. Or it COULD be some broken piping leaking steam.

Look closely for any hints I might have missed. Dave

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