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What's going on _there_ is that you're using Google Groups.

What's going on _here_ is reasonably normal (including, unfortunately, the invasion by the political newsgroups).

Get a real newsreader...

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Tim Wescott

Fwd from news.announce.important: ====== It appears that Google Groups stopped receiving newly posted newsgroup messages on 1 August 2011. This affects both "public" news servers and those proprietary servers (e.g., that interface with Google Groups. Whether this is a temporary outage or an intentional change by Google is yet unknown.

Also, messages posted directly at Google Groups to a test newsgroup are apparently not being sent to news servers. I'm having trouble confirming this because a test message sent to a test newsgroup from Google Groups itself also fails to appear in Google Groups. =====

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Robert Nichols

You're a googlie. Live with it, or get a real newsserver and a real newsreader.

Good Luck! Rich

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Rich Grise

Both the old and new Google Groups have been hung since Aug 1, and were running a day late before that. I switched to free Eternal-September and Outlook Express, not the slickest Usenet access but worth the price since I have no trouble visually filtering the trolls and k00ks from the good posts. I also created a new GMAIL account for it and haven't seen much spam on the new one, or a decrease on the old one, due to fresh posting activity or a lack thereof.


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Jim Wilkins

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