Nylon 6/6 and 6/12

What is the difference between Nylon 6/6 and 6/12. I found them on MSC. How do they machine and which one is softer? I am looking for something that holds shape well. I would like to make some collets to mount in the back of the spindle (of a mini lathe) to hold a wooden shaft centered while it is being machined. Also need someting to cover the jaws with so that it would not mar/damage wood shafts while holding in the chuck. Any other suggestions Other than Delrin? Since Delrin is too hard. I need material with more flexibillity. Thanks for any advise.

David Heidary

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David Heidary
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If the delrin is too hard, either nylon will probably be found to be too hard as well. You might want to go with something like a higher durometer urethane.


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jim rozen

I had to turn a bunch of wooden handles for a neighbor who makes WWII machine gun turrets for 6X6 trucks. These are used in parades and war games.

I used some PVC pipe, slotted, to hold the dowels in a 3 jaw chuck. Worked nicely, no marring and quick to reload.

Earle Rich Mont Vernon, NH

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Nylon 6/12 is softer, though maybe mot soft enough for your application.-Jitney

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