Optics question

I picked up a cosmeticaly minty Tasco 21T spotting scope at a church
yard sale this weekend for a buck.
I suspect the reason it was donated..is that its only clear in the
center. All around the center..its fuzzy as hell. Spherical aberration
and barrel effect is really bad.
Is this "normal" for a cheap Tasco scope, or has this thing been slammed
and something has moved?
I cant find any data or even the scope listed on the net.
Any experienced Tasco guys here?
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Gunner Asch
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Tasco is a "bottom of the barrel" scope. A quality scope like a Redfield or Leopold will cost as much as the rifle itself.
they are nitrogen sealed, so condensate can't form on the optics in cold and wet weather. Not so for Tasco.
I think you have mold growing on your optics. Get your dollar back and buy a double cheeseburger with it.
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You buy expensive rifles... A top line Leupold can easily cost much more than the firearm. Like everything else, the Chinese aren't doing too bad these days as far as optical clarity, durability, and so forth.
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It only cost a buck. Take it apart, clean it up, look for obviously misplaced parts and reassemble. If you dork it, well, it only cost a buck and some time.
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Tim Wescott
That could take hours in addition the time he already wasted at the yard sale. Here's what I use for spotting
formatting link
years better than some Taft rehabbed yard sale shit and Gunner would only have to work for 6 hours to buy one at his oft bragged about $75 an hour. I'm surprised that a 155 IQ needs the internet to get such obvious advice. :)
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The Tasco name has had many owners and many sources of supply. Some are good, some are so-so, some are junk. Just depends on where it was made, when it was made and how the QC inspector was feeling that day or if there was one at all. Sounds like maybe this one was made in chinkland and they didn't pay to have QC done. And it might be a chink knockoff, with a Tasco label applied.
Might be a good candidate for dissection to see what's in there.
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Stanley Schaefer
I've got a couple of cheap Tasco scopes, a variable on my .22 and a 15-45 variable spotting scope and both work fine but don't get severe weather exposure.
Years ago I had a Tasco variable on my deer rifle and it fogged badly during a hunting trip where it was cold with snow. Hardly able to see through it and with several days to go, I put the scoped rifle on the camp propane heater to drive the moisture out. I replaced it with a good Redfield.
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Jon Elson fired this volley in news:QdidnR5AEdKnBzTSnZ2dnUVZ snipped-for-privacy@giganews.com:
There are also (what do you call them?) "restrictor plates"... orifaces designed to allow only the center of the light column to enter. If one has been removed, that might also be the problem.
I don't remember what they're called, but they were essential to making telescopes with spherical lenses operate with a clear image.
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
A spotting scope has a long eye relief. Are you looking at it from a good distance (8"-12" or so) from your eyeball to get the right 'exit pupil'?
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G. Morgan
???? 'long eye relief' in a spotting scope is about 30mm. Mine is around 15mm. The only thing you're going to see from 12" is a little dot of light in the eyepiece.
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Look anything like this?
Tasco WC20606045
formatting link

I'd say you got a bargain. Call 'em up, get an RMA and send it in for a free replacement or repair.
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Product Warranties
Tasco Target and Varmint Riflescopes ? Limited Lifetime Warranty Tasco Propoint Scopes ? One-Year Warranty Tasco World Class Riflescopes ? Limited Lifetime Warranty Tasco Red Dot Scopes ? One-Year Warranty Tasco Pronghorn Riflescopes ? One-Year Warranty Tasco Rimfire and .22 Riflescopes ? One-Year Warranty Tasco Trail Cameras ? Two-Year Warranty Tasco Binoculars ? Limited Lifetime Warranty Tasco Spotting Scopes ? Limited Lifetime Warranty Tasco Telescopes ? Limited Lifetime Warranty Tasco Microscopes ? Limited Lifetime Warranty
Tasco scopes are pretty good despite the detractors out there. I have them on air rifles, rim and centerfires.
Pick the right type of Tasco for the weapon and they're as good as any out there.
I've got a Tasco 3x9 40mm on a Ruger M77.270, purchased together, that are over 30 years old. It's a fine rifle and scope combo.
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They are called "stops", and do exactly what you describe.
But what Gunner describes is probably not a missing stop. I'd bet on creeping grease or mold.
Joe Gwinn
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Joseph Gwinn
There normally is not a grease between the elements. The grease is for the focusing threads for smooth focusing which does not vibrate out of position.
However -- compound element lenses are (or were frequently) glued together with a rosin -- thinned with alcohol, placed between the elements and they are squished together in a fixture to hold them concentric and at the proper spacing. Once the rosin dries out, it is clear enough to be no problem -- unless a fungus starts growing in from the edge. In that case, the best bet is to separate the elements (mild heat, I believe works), and then clean and replace the rosin with fresh. The trick is the lack of the fixture which was used when it was made.
I believe that some form of epoxy is used these days.
Good Luck, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
It's mold on the lens coating. Disassemble and clean with a 50/50 mix of Hydrogen Peroxide and Ammonia, follow with lens cleaner or alcohol. Tasco was notorious for using nutritious coatings. Don't forget to clean the barrels and other internal parts to kill the infection.
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Tom Gardner

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