OT: Anti-Gravity & Monty Hall

Given the group now prefers OT subjects to metalworking here is something
for you to use the brain power on:
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A pal of mine, who is not a professional physicist is challenging existing
views of Dark Matter and proposing Anti-Gravity Matter as a better fit with
observations of the universe. He has many detractors, but if you remember
the solution to the Monty Hall problem as proposed by Marilyn Vos Savant was
decried by over 1000 PhD's in Mathematics and relevant sciences and they
were wrong. I suspect snobbery had something to do with it as the article
was published in Parade magazine rather than a professional journal.
Wiki always has a view:
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So guys, the challenge is this - using the brain power of the metalworker
who has a lifetime experience of daily problem solving can you take a look
at this and decide if the professional view is just establishment and wrong
or if here is a happy amateur who has latched onto something in his garden
shed that has real merit?
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