OT - Catalytic converter orientation

I bought a new aftermarket catalytic converter for an '85 Dodge B150
van and I'm not sure how it fits... there is a little "L" shaped tube
that comes off the body. I'm pretty sure it points foreward and on the
top once it's installed, but not positive. I haven't found out much
from searching the web, either. Welding it in won't be a problem, I
just need to know which way it goes in.
Does anyone know for sure?
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You can install the cat in either direction. The air tube is to allow you to attach to the factory air injection tube on the van. It matters not which way you point it. Simply set it up in whatever fashion requires the least amount of work for you. Curt
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Curt Hogan
I have the 1 ton version of that van. On mine, the little tube went on top and pointed towards the engine. I would "assume" that it would be the same on yours.
Hope that helps, AL A.
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