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Just a quick note to let the group know of my experience
with computer/reading glasses from Zenni.
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I have been attempting to use a somewhat weaker set of
reading glasses as computer glasses for some time with
decreasing success and increasing eye strain.
I sent an Email to snipped-for-privacy@zennioptical.com with all the
information on my prescription, and got their suggestions.
FWIW -- when you get your eyes checked and a new
prescription; be sure to ask the doctor/technician to
include your IP [inter-pupilary] distance. You want just
the regular glasses prescription; the Zenni techs will send
back their suggestions for the reading and/or computer
glasses including the adjusted IP.
I got the reading and computer glasses on Monday 21 June and
have been very satisfied -- far better than OTC reading
glasses. Prescription is spot on, and the frame quality is
also very good. Received my glasses via priority US mail 10
days after I placed the order on their website.
Some suggestions based on my experiences [YMMV]:
(1) The premium anti-reflective coating [5$ option] is
well worthwhile for both computer and reading glasses.
(2) If most of your reading is under fluorescent light,
the 50% yellow tint [5$ option] is a big improvement.
(3) Both the 50% yellow and 50% pink tints work well for
computer use. [I mainly do text based applications on a CRT
monitor under fluorescent task lighting] The 50% yellow is
"brighter" however after a few days of switching between the
yellow and pink tints, pink has become the one I am using
most. Both are 50% tints, but the pink appears much darker
possibly because it kills so much more of the blue-white
(4) For extended use comfort, I suggest a large lens
aviator type frame with a "saddle bridge" nosepiece such as
Zenni SKU 7105 (19$US including single vision lenses).
[Type in in the "frame search" box to see
what they have available.]
Whats the group's experience been with "computer" glasses?
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F. George McDuffee
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At my last eye exam I had my doctor give me my "trifocal" prescription - he suggested I get real trifocals with the middle band focal distance set at about 24-30" as computer reading glasses. I had him write down the distance, reading, and trifocal prescriptions, and then I got two pairs of bifocals from Zenni. One pair is the reading and distance prescriptions and these are the glasses I wear most of the time. The other pair I got the reading and trifocal prescriptions so when working at the computer I can look down and read paperwork and look up and get the screen in perfect focus. If I'm just doing something quick I don't change glasses, but on days when I have to be at the computer for hours and my eyes are already tired, the computer glasses are a lifesaver. I got the AR coating but no tint - didn't think about improving the contrast that way. YMMV, of course, but I recommend Zenni to anyone needing cheap glasses.
----- Regards, Carl Ijames
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Carl Ijames
I bought a bunch of the cheapest glasses Zeni offered, and I scatter them around everywhere - computer glasses and regular glasses - the cheap ones have cheap frames, as you would expect, but if the normal failure mode is to scratch the lenses, at $8 each, how can you go wrong
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Bill Noble
I too, really need trifocals. So when i got my last pair of bifocals i had the guy write up the specs for the trifocal at 24" range. Sent this in the Zenni and got a real cheap pair. they sit on the computer and i use them only for computer work, well worth the $17 cost.
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Karl Townsend
Last time the Zenni discussion came up, I was going through cataract surgery, so I didn't pay too much attention.
I got a prescription from my eye doctor for bifocals for computer and reading only. Those distances work well in the shop too, and I went to a glasses place for new safety glasses to that prescription.
As it turned out -- all of the frames which they had avaiable were designed for style -- not eye coverage for protection. So I had them make a pair of lenses to replace those in my previous frames -- titanium, and safety lens material. I opted to not get the UV suppression in the lenses, because the new lenses in my eyes from the cataract surgery already blocked UV. I also did not go for photogrey, since I expected to use them mostly indoors. The cataract surgery left my eyes the way they used to be -- sharp at a distance -- so all I need outdoors is sunglasses. :-)
Anybody get safety glasses made by Zenni? Do they have the proper certification as safety glasses -- along with the test of a 1 lib steel ball being bounced off them?
Hmm ... I thought that they were in China somewhere -- but the web site is in California. I figured that I would never reach them with the spam blocking which is active here. Any part of China which is not blocked *should* be. :-) (Not just spam -- but attacks trying to log in as a large number of user names via SSH. :-)
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
Their lab is in Hong Kong. Which while in China..is not Red.
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Gunner Asch
I seriously doubt that. HK is way too expensive for this kind of thing. They probably have a runner carry the glasses on the subway from Shenzhen to Hong Kong where the postal rates are cheaper than in China. And the company may be registered in HK to avoid some Chinese taxes, but I'll bet virtually every employee is a Chinese citizen and lives on the mainland. Not that those guys are Red anymore-- it's more capitalist than the US in most ways, just less democratic. Like Taiwan was in the seventies (a bit freer maybe).
Best regards, Spehro Pefhany
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Spehro Pefhany
========== According to thr documents and return address of the three pair of glasses I just received the U.S. internal mailing address is:
China Post Group POB 282702 San Francisco, CA 94128-2702
The China address [may be their air freight consolidator/forwarder] is:
Zhong Laxiang No,321 Jiangnan Jiayuan Nanjing Jiangsu 210000 China
Nanjing is mainland PRC mid pacific coast.
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F. George McDuffee
I've been doing that for about 10 years. I leave the medium/reading ones by the computer. ...lew...
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Lewis Hartswick
That looks like a Mr. Zhong at a hotel address in Nanjing city. Some hotels have wings with business offices for long term rental.
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Spehro Pefhany
zenni can also put saddle bridges on almost all of their other glasses. i had them put those on 3 pairs. you just have to ask, and it's about $3/pair more.
3 pairs of progressive glasses for less than what 1 cost at costco was a no brainer for me.
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Carl, I agree with all the above, BUT, lets call the Zenni glasses INEXPENSIVE instead of CHEAP.
Ivan Vegvary
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Ivan Vegvary
I asked about this and got this reply on 07 Jun 10:
4. You can choose any of the frames you like and make sure the one you choose will fit your face. As to your question of saddle bridge, you can choose the ones which has the description listed. Other frames which do not have saddle bridge cannot be replaced.
Who was your contact at Zenni?
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F. George McDuffee
On Mon, 28 Jun 2010 20:31:41 -0500, F. George McDuffee wrote the following:
Ditto my first order. I need to do an update.
Trying again. (My computer ate my reply, evidently.) I tried on the sample antireflection-coated lenses and found them nasty. I'd have wiped that coating off in a week of dusty, dirty work. and the fingerprints were pervasive, requiring full soapy cleansing each time. That would cost me at least an hour a day! I hope you enjoy yours.
Sounds disgusting to me. "Hey, who peed on my glasses?"
I hope you mean 5% tint, Unka G. I had 10% progressive tint on my last set and it worked to dim constant fluor glare and the sun outside in lieu of sunglasses. I now wear a hat in the summer, so I don't need the tint.
I much prefer the aviator style 419011 and rounded rectangle style 372911, but don't really like the saddles. While they're slightly more comfy, they float around on my nose when I'm active, and I'm active most of the day.
I swear by 'em. Focusing at arm's length is perfect for 23" comping at 1024.
Mine are Zennis. The first frame broke and they didn't answer emails, so I called and they sent a different color frame (in stock, my color wasn't in stock and would have taken an extra 2 weeks) free. Other than that, they've been just great. I got bifocals so I could see to write checks when I had them on. Back when I got them, they offered only shorter frames. I prefer 45+ height and these are 39s. For computer work, these shorties (similar to 312311) are fine. But I want big ol' lenses when I'm out and about, moving and lifting and cutting, or driving.
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Larry Jaques
On Mon, 28 Jun 2010 22:24:37 -0500, "Karl Townsend" wrote the following:
I didn't want trifocals because I use my other lenses to the hilt and they'd take away valuable and necessary real estate. Instead, I chose to go with bifocal computer glasses and fulltime bifocals. They give me more freedom of vision than the restrictive tris. Tris remind me of those ghastly progressives, where only one tiny spot in the middle of the lens is actually prescription glass. 80% of the lenses have no prescription whatsoever. Nasty, nasty, nasty!
-- The most powerful factors in the world are clear ideas in the minds of energetic men of good will. -- J. Arthur Thomson
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Larry Jaques
Good catch. Inexpensive.
Last time I went for eye exam, I am told I need bifocals. He's right. Anyhow, I got a pair of reading strength single focus glasses for working at my machinst bench. It took some getting used to, not having to strain my eyes to see. But, now, my bench glasses are really useful.
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Stormin Mormon
I did it slightly differently. I have medium and near for the computer, reading and the lathe etc. Then Far and medium for driving and walking/ outdoors stuff etc. Both pairs are safety glasses with shields, which helps when I go to power stations or factory sites (as well as in the shop :). I don't have any non-safety glasses or non-safety shoes because I don't care what I look like, just that my eyes and feet work.
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand
I whent two Speksayvars an thay putt my wright, know mi compewtre viseon iz muhc beter.
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Mark Opolo

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