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Hi. I want to convert a number which has units of degrees e.g. 26.87° to HMS format, in other words degrees minutes and seconds. Actually, I want it rounded to the nearest 10 seconds, but that's just a detail. I know how to make up the number in two different spreadsheet fields, but what I want to know is how to make an expression in Excel, part of which is a calculated number and part of which is units. A good example would be a number like $56.21 - now THAT would be useful. Actually, in this case 26.87° -> 26°50' (26 degrees 50 minutes) rounded to the nearest 10 minutes. So this is even harder - an expression containing TWO calculated numbers.

Do you know how to do this?

Thanks, Grant

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My numbers may make no sense - this is just to show the concept:

cell C21 =3D 2*3.3 cell C22 =3D 3*7.1 cell C23 =3D TEXT(C21,"###.#")&"deg "&TEXT(C22,"###.#")&"min"

Displayed result:

6=2E6deg 21.3min

substitute any text you want inside the " "


Grant Erw> Hi. I want to convert a number which has units of degrees e.g. 26.87=B0 t= o HMS

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Thanks! I get it completely now .. duh ..


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The other thing you can do is create a excel vba function which is like a new command in excel. It is a lot cleaner than using up a bunch of cells to do the coversion.

Please pardon this crappy example, I haven't done a VBA function in 6 years and I'm gettting a MSOHELP.exe generated an error message at the moment when I try to use the help file.

Using this as a start to grasp the idea:

formatting link
Try cutting and pasting this:

Function DMS(DMS1 As String) d = Int(DMS1) frac = DMS1 - d m = Int(frac * 60) frac = (frac * 60) - m s = frac * 60 DMS = Str(d) + "D" + Str(m) + "M" + Str(s) + "S" End Function

There are a bunch of tips I found googling using search terms 'create vba excel function'.


Wes S

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VBA functions are one way, but this can be done simply with ordinary Excel functions, too.

In the function below "A1" is the cell containing a NUMBER that represents degrees and fractions. If you want to do this on a string, a surrounding couple of functions to reduce it to a number will be necessary.

This displays the number in A1 as degrees, minutes, and seconds, as "###d##s##s".



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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh

You may find the following format strings useful. I use them for GPS positions stored as numbers of the form {+/-}DDD.MMmmm where DDD is integer degrees and MMmmm is minutes and decimal minutes with an implied decimal point MM.mmm For Latitude: [>=0]00°." "00\.000"' N";00°." "00\.000"' S" For Longitude: [>=0]00°." "000\.000"' E";00°." "000\.000"' W"

To convert numbers in degrees and decimal degrees to a compatible form try the following formula (original number in A1): +A1*0.6+TRUNC(A1)*0.4

N.B I run Excel 5 so you may need to tweak it a bit fir later versions.

It all works very cleanly and nicely as no intermediate cells are required for the convesion.

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