Other than Greenlee and Q-max


Except Greenlee and Q-max, is there any other brands whose make such kind of knockout punches for square holes?


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There is another - I'll look at mine. They are in my shop and not close tonight.


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Martin H. Eastburn

Deltron is a brand name sold by Mouser, and I think it's made in England. They also have this nifty bench press for use with their tooling.

For really thin/soft material, hobby and leather stores have leather hand punches made by various companies (Tandy?) in various sizes and shapes.

Depending on your material and thickness, look at nibblers for making small quantities of square (and rectangular, and ...) holes.

Hand nibblers are available from Radio Shack real cheap and are good for working with plastic, aluminum, and thin steel. Electric/pneumatic/hydraulic nibblers are available for more heavy-duty jobs.


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Tim Shoppa

I have one in a "Pioneer" can and it is a 3/4" stainless from the 50's. The Greenlee 1" is in a UTC - 10-50 uh box - IIRC - and has been in it for about 40 years. :-) (less the time being used).

Martin - suspects Pioneer is no longer making parts.

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Martin H. Eastburn

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