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I saw somewhere here a few days ago a URL for a company that makes electronic speedometer adapters. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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carl mciver
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A short anecdote: I have a mid-90's Dodge Neon as my mud car. The speedo failed, and the ECS uses the speedo output as the vehicle speed sensor... so everything started screwing up.

To replace the $6.00 plastic gear on the transmission output costs over $1200.00 -- pull the engine and tranny, and split the case.

So I epoxied/fiber wrapped nine magnets around my left front wheel hub, then got an NPN-o.c. Hall-Effect pickup from Allegro and mounted it on a small custom bracket over the hub.

Perfect speedometer, and now it's repairable!


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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh

Good move, Lloyd! A friend had a plastic gear go out behind the speedo panel. He calls up one day and asked if he could drop it off so I could make a new one out of metal for him. Yeah, right! I referred him to Boston Gear.

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Robert Swinney

good recovery, but you've now revealed another flaw in Detroit's "disposable car" concept - sometimes a creative person can fix it rather than junk it.

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