Pexto Brake

I recently picked up a Pexto model 24A box brake. It will bend up to

16 Ga metal. It's something I've wanted for a long time.

However, it came as a kit. It was all apart and I had to make one eccentric pin. Not really a problem but I can't figure out how to adjust for thickness. The eccentrics have a quarter inch hole in each one and I guess I need to put a rod in those holes to make the adjustment.

However, there is also a set screw to lock those eccentrics. That's the part I don't understand. The setscrews do not have knobs on them for "ease of locking".

I went to the Pexto site looking for a diagram or operating instructions but I can't find anything there for legacy equipment. I guess they don't want to support their customers.

I did a google seaarch and then looked in the dropbox but found nothing there

So, does anyone have a diagram for the brake so I can figure out the details of it ? Or at least some type of explanation or description for me ?

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You might try Di Acro, There box brake might be similar and they used to have PDF manuals.

Chuck P.

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