Metal Brake Chicago BB2 - is this a good deal?

Hi all,

We've been looking for a small metal brake for quite a while and stumbled across a Chicago BB2 (which appears to be about a 24" size) with a full set of fingers plus some edge radius bends and on a floor stand for $700.

It's close enough that we can pick it up and save shipping and looks nice in the pictures but I'd like confirmation that this is worth the $$$.

American made heavy iron instead of recycled tomato cans from Trashcanistan.

Your thoughts?

Thanks in advance,


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I have a 36" light-weight Chicago finger brake. About the only problem I have with it is there is a bronze busing on the eccentric shaft that clamps the brake bar, and that bushing sometimes works out of the hole in the frame, and then I can't get it to clamp the work. It also has a real limit on the depth of the box it can make. When you fold up two sides of the box and then turn it to fold the other sides, the first sides need to be no more than about 1/2" tall. Otherwise, you have to fold it with the box outside the brake and just the one side under the clamp bar. Then, you can get work with sides up to about 3" tall, before they hit the beam of the brake bar.

Now, there are MUCH bigger finger brakes, usually wider, too, that have more clearance for the side flanges. We have a HUGE one at work, it must have 6" clearance under the brake beam.


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