Is This a Good Deal??

Esab TIG welder w/ Lincoln water cooler - $995

Esab DTA 250 um, Lincoln Magnum water cooler, 60% duty cycle,250 amp, comes with cups, collets, electrodes, torch, grounding clamp, all cables and hoses, foot pedal.

They guy who has it says it is a 60-70's vintage welder, he knows the gas valve needs replacing but thinks everything else works - he got it a year ago and never used it as it takes a 90 amp/220v breaker and his house only has 100 service. He says this thing weighs 5-600# so getting it in and out of the truck will be fun. He will hook up a temp connection and porve it will strike an arc before I buy it.

I was looking for one of the newer portable models (60#) but they are pricey and I really don't NEED to move it. I would set up in the garage and leave it there.

What else do I need to know/ask or should I run like hell??

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I'd say it's way overpriced and will take up a lot of room in your garage. Last auction I was at had pretty decent Miller 250 amp TIG units from the

1980's going for much less.
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Don't buy it - too old.. made between 75-78. He probably has not been able to find tech data on it- maybe Arco Welder Repair in Santa Fe Springs, CA ? Still, 900 bucks for the old crate is a bit pricey. There's plenty of newer used stuff out there. Mike

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