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Can any of you direct me to a exploded drawing of a Phase 2 piston type toolpost? I'd like to take mine apart to clean and lube but cannot get the cam out. Feels like there may be springs attatching the pistons and I am reluctant to force anything trying to find how it dissassembels. Thanks!

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I don't have the piston style, so I don't know for sure, but I would suggest that what I would try would be to depress both pistons by hand (or C-clamp if necessary) while withdrawing the cam.

Good Luck, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

It's the other way around. You have to hold both pistons out to remove the cam. Actually you only have to hold one if you set one of the pistons all the way out. The way I've done it is turn the cam till one piston is out. Wedge a small screw driver in the side so that it can't go back in and then turn the cam till the other piston is all the way out. The cam should slide out then.

Wayne Cook Shamrock, TX

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Wayne Cook

I have one of the HF series 100 QCTPs. With one of the pressure pads moved outward, loosen the screw and rotate the pad 90 degrees, then twist the screw back in just to hold the "lifter" clear of the cam. If the original screws are too short, use any screws of the same size/pitch. Do the same to the second lifter, and the cam lifts out. removing the screws will allow the lifters and springs to be removed from the cam well.

It may be best to keep the lifters and pads in their original locations.

I've been using a really thick, gooey/sticky synthetic lube for brake calipers in situations where significant pressure is present. It's been performing well in the QCTP, tailstock ram feed screws, drill press rack 'n pinion and a few other enclosed applications.

WB ...............

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Wild Bill

Thanks Wild Bill! Did it today and it worked just like you said. I an amazed at how much crap was trapped in the guts of my toolpost! Cleaned it out and lubed with some Lubriport 105 for now and it worked alot better. Thanks again!

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