Pin Punches - Starrett Vs ___________

Pin Punches - Starrett Vs ___________
Do you own a set of Starrett pin punches?
Do you own something else you think is just as good (or better)?
Can you abuse them?
I've had generic hardware store pin punches for years (decades
probably), and most of the time they get the job done, but I've bent,
twisted, and broken more than I haven't over the years.
The other day I broke out a broken tap that wouldn't back out.  It was a
pretty hard tap, and the hole was actually recoverable after breaking up
and driving out the tap with a punch, but then I had to set the punch on
the bench and work on it with a hammer before putting it away.  I know
that's not what pin punches are for, but saving the part was more
important than saving the punch.  Still it got me thinking.  Is there
some magical punch made out of Silver41H99N20W7SHT that is that perfect
blend of hardness and toughness?  Something you can really beat on, not
bend it, and not take a piece of it to the face when it shatters?
I think a trip to the discount import store to buy three sets might be
the best answer for me.  Then atleast it will be a while before I have
to make another trip to the store, but I would like something better too.
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