Starrett Digitape

My parents gave me a Starrett Digitape (tape measure with digital
readout) for Christmas.
First thing I did when I took it out of the package was pull the tape
out about 12 inches.... and it displayed 5 inches.
I tried again, but slower. Same thing.
I'm hoping it is just a dead battery, but I haven't gotten out yet to
buy a replacement 1/3 N cell battery.
Please tell me these things aren't junk.
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David A. Webb
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You'll be in a better position to tell us once you've changed the battery.
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Jim Stewart
Why don't you call them and ask. 978-249-3551
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I've run through two of these. The current one sits on the board (when I remember). I don't remember when the battery died. I hardly ever felt the DRO was worthwhile. Both of mine were fairly accurate, certainly enough for tape measure use.
I do like it.
My favorite 1/2" rule is my Lufkin, with green? tape. Then the Starrett.
I was told once that Starrett made the tapes for Craftsman. That came up when I couldn't tell any difference between the two - anywhere, with the exception of the case.
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John Hofstad-Parkhill
David A. Webb wrote: (clip) I'm hoping it is just a dead battery, (clip) ^^^^^^^^^^^ Two things I would try: 1.) Take out the battery, and put it back. 2.) Look in the box to see whether it came with instructions. I'll bet there is a zero adjustment that you have not found.
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Leo Lichtman
You do realize that the display reading is for inside measurements, I presume?
John Martin
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He was using it inside. :-)
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Neil Ellwood
I think that's the model I take when I go lumber shopping. "No way that's 10 board feet! This board's only 5 inches wide and 10 feet long!"
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don't they make a tape suitable for outdoor use?
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Jon Grimm

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