OT: fuel pump for IH v345

Apologies for the OT post, skip now if you're a purist 8-)
The fuel pump on my '72 IH Scout 2 v345 still works, but it's
getting old and I'd like to rebuild it if possible.
Does anybody know a source for parts? I can find a whole pump,
but it's obviously new construction with a crimped assembly
that is 100% throw-away. I'd be willing to spend a bit more to
keep the "fixable" aspect of the old pump. The diaphragms are
the essential parts, I can probably make the rod (metalworking
content!) and gaskets.
Thanks for reading, and any clues!
bob prohaska
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bob prohaska
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There is an Ebay seller here that has a lot of kits:
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I didn't see the one you want listed but it may be worth contacting them and see what they have to say.
Rockauto lists four different pumps for that:
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The cheapest one is only $11.45 + shipping...
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Leon Fisk

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