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Hey Ig, I wanted to thank you for posting your ebay misspelling finder;
ended up getting my self a halfway decent "oscilocope" for a fraction of
what they normally sell for.
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Jon Danniken
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Hey! I am glad that at least someone is using that site!!!
I also buy misspelled things once in a while. It is fun.
For example, I bought this misspelled ebay item 120144999928 for $9.99, and sold it as ebay item 220137080620 for $201.50. (stepper drive)
Jon was referring to this site:
formatting link
It has a very nice one-page interface to all ebay searches (current, completed, by seller, feedback, etc), plus it has a search for misspellings.
I also added something nice to it recently, which is called "custom search engine". This is a google search engine, except that I exclude about 60 most annoying web spammers such as globalspec, santaclaracomponents, etc. You should try it out when searching for part numbers.
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