PING: Iggy - dehumidifier

If you have any of the dehumidifiers left, please reserve one for me.
I sent you an off line email to your 'corrected' address but have not
recieved a reply or a udeliverable message. Please contact me at jamw42 at
earthlink dot net
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John Miller
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I thought I sent you a message. I am sending a email to you right now. I have about 6 committed and I reserved one for you. If Earthlink has a weird ass spam catching mechanism that sends automated replies back, that could be the culprit.
Anyway. I am going to the military base tomorrow in early morning. I will pick a few of these units. I will then test them over thanksgiving to see if they work (in the most basic form). Please email me at ichudov AT algebra DOT com and ichudov AT yahoo DOT com if I do not write by Sunday.
Someone will pick up two units locally, which is my preferred mode of doing business, but I ship things all the time. The excess "cages" will be offered for free local pickup, I think.
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