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Hey Gunner, how are you doing? Hope your recovery is fast and complete!
Are you starting to get more active? When can you go back to work?
God bless,
Ivan Vegvary
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Ivan Vegvary
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Thank you for asking!
Im doing well enough I guess. I spent most of yesterday in Bakersfield with the ex, shopping for the necessities, and visited the kids for a short bit. First time they had seen me since the surgery..the granddaughter was most concerned.
I pushed a shopping cart (tenderly) all around Walmart with 60 lbs of cat and dog kibble...which exhausted me. I went back to the truck and napped for a few hours while she finished shopping, waiting for perscriptions etc. Im off to Los Angeles this morning..a 150 mile ride Im really not looking forwards to, Tommorow morning, they will be removing my staples..which I AM looking forwards to. A couple clients have asked I stop by so they can "check on me..and maybe look at a machine?", though Ive prewarned em...I may stand by and direct their workers in any repairs. Crom knows I need the service hours... IE money.. When you are cannot afford to say NO to too many people, too many times.
They say I can probably start to drive at 4 weeks, and back to limited duty at 6 weeks, it being a matter of how well that busted sternum is healing..and all the ribs that cracked as well.
Its been most interesting having 4 large dogs who are most concerned about Daddy and want to crawl into his lap to give him lovin, or launch themselves from his chest....muffled scream....This morning I woke up with one across my chest, and one laying on top of my right leg, on all the staples. I had to convince them to gently...get off. More or less sucesfuly...Only got two staples to bleeding. Its hard to shout and bash at them when they are only trying to show love, without hurting the relationship
Chuckle....its been a learning experience for all. Yesterday I didnt think and grabbed a 40lb bag of kibble from the shopping cart, one handed as usual, while opening the back of the truck....and went right to my knees in a bright white light filled with fireworks and stars and stuff. When it cleared..the wife was standing there, taping her foot and asking..."going to do that again?"...I managed a whimpered "no" and she tossed everything into the truck while shaking her head at stupid men who should know better.
Sigh...Ive never been one to favor ills or injury...this is a hard one to ignore......
Thanks for asking
"Not so old as to need virgins to excite him, nor old enough to have the patience to teach one."
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Gunner Asch
I skipped the meeting, but the Memos showed that Gunner Asch wrote on Wed, 04 Feb 2009 08:49:06 -0800 in rec.crafts.metalworking :
I had an SO like that: you treated her like a Lady - or Else!
My wisecrack remains" be grateful for pain, it proves you're alive." Although sometimes, I could just as soon suffer from a lack of existential clarity on the subject. -- pyotr filipivich We will drink no whiskey before its nine. It's eight fifty eight. Close enough!
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pyotr filipivich
I kinda' hadta' slow down as my feet and legs wouldn't let me stay upright for 12 hours a day anymore, mostly due to diabetes and extra weight. I hired a "Resource Manager" that is a bit manic. In his position it's a blessing. He's also named Tom, so a good portion of my phone calls get directed his way and he does his best to field them. I also hired a crackerjack machinist, Tim. He's a true artist and he's fast and has a great sense of humor. Brian handles all the repair jobs and guides production and training. Roger does a great job interfacing everybody, sets standards and directs new project construction. At one time I had to do all that and more. In a nutshell, I've reproduced myself to the point that I only have to dip my fingers in where I want to get dirty. I do most of the design work in Solidworks, I iron out issues from everybody else and in general, direct the action.
So, I think you need to start reproducing yourself before you take the "toe-tag" retirement option. Find a couple of people that can do the job and direct them. The right people will more than pay their way and you can coast a bit yet still be hands-on. Three people can do four times the work!
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Here's hoping for the best
Somewhere I have pictures of SWMBO bedded down on the chesterfield with an opened out carton over her tummy when I brought her home after her hysterectomy - incision from navel to pubic bone - to discourage 12 pound Bichon from doing her "Top Dog" curl up on the tummy act.
Acquaintance was helping his son install a clothes line pole a year after his surgery and volunteered to go get a couple bags of sack-crete. When he returned, the boys were in having a beer, so Dad tried to get the bags out of the trunk - big mistake!
You take care and behave yourself! Gerry :-)} London, Canada
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Gerald Miller
Why would you clone a welfare queen Tom?
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