Pinging Gunner

Hi Gunner,
I sent you a few emails b ut I am fraid I might still be in your
kill/spam file.
Still iinterested in the taper attachment for my new old Colchester 15"
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Hey Joe.
Do me a favor, and measure the distance between the bottom side of the extension that covers your crossfeed screw and the t slot that runs along the back side of your ways. And the length of your crossfeed screw.
This will tell if my taper attachment will fit or not.
"Pax Americana is a philosophy. Hardly an empire. Making sure other people play nice and dont kill each other (and us) off in job lots is hardly empire building, particularly when you give them self determination under "play nice" rules.
Think of it as having your older brother knock the shit out of you for torturing the cat." Gunner
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Gunner Asch

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