pipe drilling trick

Today I was drilling side holes in a short piece of 1-1/4" pipe. Holes were
5/8" directly into the side of the pipe, hole perpendicular to the pipe axis.
Rather than lay out the holes by hand and centerpunch them I stuck the pipe
in the mill vise, picked up the end, and offset to the first hole. I opened
the drill chuck all the way up - mine's a Jacobs 6A, I think - and my Starrett
automatic center punch just did fit into the chuck opening, very little wiggle
indeed. Put it in solidly, pulled down on the handle and it centerpopped,
swapped in the 1/8" drill and it picked up the centerpop. Not perfect every
time but very close, certainly close enough. Easy and quick.
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Grant Erwin
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If you need to do a bunch of similar holes, a guide bushing setup would allow you to drill the final size hole in one shot without and center punching or pilot holes.
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Pete C.
You didn't use a center drill instead?
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Lay a 6" scale on top of the pipe and bring down the quill with C drill and touch the scale. Adjust till the scale is level, very quick and accurate way to find center on round stock. ED
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