pocket boring bar

Carbide from Harbor Fright 6.9" blades or 10" blades
makes good cutters in a pocket boring machine ,
bar stock makes cones for the dead end of the boring
bar ,
6007 -2RS ball bearings that slide in and out
on the I,D, of a steel tube , suitably bored to finish .
6007's are on a ENCO arbor , cheap about $12 for
a MT3 female to MT2 male arbor .
Magnetic chucks are $1.00 Harbor Fright rectangular
magnets sandwhiched between steel/iron , 1/16" thick
that take the "field" down to work surface .
brass isolators to separate the magnet assy .
Pocket Bore bars can bore a hole , with a following
pilot , if ya blast the chips out of the path .
A H.F. 550 RPM 1/2" drill motor , $45 works OK
the var speed isnt real bad . you cud add a
2-to-1 reduction , using #40 chain and 2 sprockets ...
Bought a Longevity-inc.com 518 Combo welder
for $650 , transistors are under high stress , one broke
off . They stall , wont warranty the welder ...
The $200 H'F' Red inverter welder isnt expensive .
Need to nix the delay on start-up .
all the way down , it reads 11vdc and easily starts
my H'F' 5500 watt GenSet .
HF Plasma ( $650 ) works well , dont touch copper cup
to work piece , even though the pilot has a heavy
choke to limit the pilot amps ..
The air PSI must be adjusted precisely ,
the after cool , shud be done with water ...
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