Lubrication of a Troyke rotary table

I have finally got myself to fully disassemble and clean my Troyke
DMT-15 rotary table. Everything was cleaned, wiped, washed, dried,
etc. I do not even think that I lost any parts yet and I have some
pictures to guide me back if I forget something during reassembly.
Now that it is fully clean, disassembled, and has no oil anywhere, the
question is how to lubricate it.
I believe that inside the rotary part with the oil bath, and the round
base, any 90 weight gear oil should work. On the conical bearings
holding screws for the slide part, I will use white lithium grease.
My main question is what to use on the linear sliding surfaces. They
have lubricating cups on them. It would appear that the most logical
choice would be way oil.
Would anyone know this, thanks.
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The tables originally came with grease and oils guns. Grease for the gears and Vactra for the "ways".
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John R. Carroll
On Mon, 07 Sep 2009 20:43:14 -0500, the infamous Ignoramus24885 scrawled the following:
Do SWAGs count? Good. Try a good spray dry lube, eh? A dry lube gathers no swarf.
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