Storm Boring Bar

I have a very old Storm MFG CO boring bar for boring engine blocks. It is a
modle # NS No 732.
I aquired it as is and it has been around a long time, rode hard and put
away wet. It is missing a gear and several other places look like they
should have parts that are not there. The motor runs and the leadscrew
raises the boring head but the head won't turn. The missing gear is a
helical cut gear that looks like it should have some pins in it to drive
another gear to drive the rest of the geartrain.
I need information .. operating manual/parts diagram but google only kicks
out sporting goods.
Anybody ever heard of one of these beasties?
I think I can cut a new gear with a bit of fixturing but I need to know how
to run it and what's missing before I put a lot of time into it.
I really don't care if I ever bore an engine with it :) I just want to make
it functional again.
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Try " Storm MFG -basketball " The minus basketball eliminates all the web sites that are about basketball.
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