power transmission items

122,Narayan Dhuru street,1st floor, Shreeji Bhuvan, Mumbai-4000003.
Tele: (022)56349683, (022)23437970
Telefax : (022)23411277
email- snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.co.in , snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com
we deal in all kinds of power transmission items,which includes chain,
sprocket, pulley, variety of belts, elivator chains,buckets, special
attachment chains, couplings, etc
For furthur details and price list please contact at our office.
Yours Faithfully,
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Atul Shah
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Yeah, that's great, let's buy elevator chains from a mis-spelling spammer from who-knows-where-istan. No problems with _that_ idea.
Well, your gmail account probably won't work much longer, so they'll have to, won't they.
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Dave Hinz
You mistakenly created a google mail account, then mistakenly wrote your spam, then you mistakenly posted it here?
Yeah, there's a mistake happening, in that you think we're stupid. Go away, spammer, and stay there.
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Dave Hinz

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