Propane heater question

I got a propane heater. The type that are bolted on top of a bottle, and
have two round heat diffusers. Looks like Mickey Mouse.
At a friend's shop, they have some mondo heaters that run in a line up above
normal ceiling line, and distribute heat downward. They work very well.
I was thinking, could I turn the dishes 90 degrees so that they were pointed
at the floor, instead of them being vertical, as in the tank mount? The
propane LOOKS like it would have to do a 90, but that would be after it had
passed through the regulator, and changed to gas. (?)
Would it be safe for the rubber (?) flex hoses, because they would then be
somewhat above the flame? Maybe put in some sheet metal?
Anyone done this with these heaters?
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Should work, but I'd aim for a 45 to 60-degree angle downwards toward the floor and the people being heated - at 90-degrees straight down you might get radiated heat coming back into and cooking the regulator and control valve and safety cutoff on the back.
I have a single-head one I use around the shop on the bottle. Be careful about clearances overhead to ceilings, tents, trees, etc.
Note that the Propane in the cylinder is already a gas as you pull it out - the standard BBQ Bottle is Vapor Only. That's why the cylinder gets cold in use, the liquid gas is boiling off.
You can put a hose between the bottle and the heater, but it MUST be the proper Propane vapor hose rated at ~250 PSI. (At normal temperatures it's between 50 and 100 PSI.) Available at camping or hardware stores.
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