Pulling the head on an Onan DJC Generator

I have been debugging an Onan DJC, 4 cylinder 12KW, air cooled diesel
generator. In chasing down a rough running engine when cold I just
heard the unmistakable hiss of a leaking exhaust valve.
I have not torn into it yet to pull the head and do valves or even to
check clearances yet. I have to do that. Anyone out there with some
experience on these engines? Are there any tricks or suprises to watch
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I have an Onan DJE
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and never pulled its head, so my experiences are not very relevant to you, but I have a couple of simple suggestions.
1. Buy a repair manual for your generator, check out ebay seller n2gravely, he has one, and he is a good guy.
2. Subscribe to
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there is plenty of people there tho know the insides of these J series diesels very well.
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