After looking at Gingery's book, "How to design and build centrifugal fans for the home shop" and at Paul Garay's book, "Pump application desk book",

3d ed., I have the impression that it is fair to classify a fan as a special kind of pump. Assuming that is correct, would it also be correct to conclude that minor modifications of Gingery's centrifugal fan designs might make it possible also to build vacuum pumps, water pumps, etc.?

Garay's book doesn't tell you how to build pumps, although it seems to have a lot of useful information. If there is a book that tells you how to build your own pumps (assuming that is a realistic project for someone with a metal shop, which I am not), I'd be glad to know about it.

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I got into looking at squirel cage fans for a project, came to the conclusion that the more I knew the less I knew. These things are ugly to design!

The issues associated with each type you mentioned are way different. Vac pumps have very low flow, very tight tolerances. Air units have high flow. High pressure air has lower flow, lower effieciecy, lots of tolerance issues. water is a whole different ball game. Etc etc.

I would read those two books to get an idea of the design issues, then c> After looking at Gingery's book, "How to design and build centrifugal fans

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Do I smell a troll?

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