Punch Pressing cost

Given: you have to mass produce 2"x2" somewhat irregular plate out of 3/32" thick steel or stainless steel with four holes - 3/16" in diameter

Is the Punch Press the lowest cost option for this kind of job? How much should I expect to pay for tooling and dies? Is there any other setup expenses with Punch Press?

Is going for thicker aluminum instead of 3/32" thick steel is a better option in any way?

Thanks, Alex

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injection molding plastic? Dan

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Dan Caster

Plastic could be sawn to size or router cut then the holes drilled with a simple setup. Very likely you could find a shop that already has a metal stamping die set like you need.

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dann mann

It is kind of hard to even give you a ballpark figure without details. A print and quantity would get you the answers you seek.


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