puting a radius bend on sheet metal


I want to put 2 four and half inch radius bends in a piece of sheet metal that will be roughly 4 feet wide by 4.5 feet long.

Can metal shops do this sort of thing routinely?

I'm thinking of home brewing a machine using a pipe of the correct diameter and a thick flat piece the rotates the sheet metal over the pipe mold.


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Yep. I could even do that on my slip roller. Any air conditioning and sheet metal shop can do it quickly and cheaply.


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Stuart Fields

I know our adira cnc press brake can do a series of small bends to approximate that radius. I'm sure a skilled worker can do the same with a non cnc brake.


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This will depend somewhat upon the thickness of the sheet metal. A good fab shop can probably bend up to 1/2" thick or so, but a shop that does heating and A/C duct work might have trouble with even 16 gage (about 1/16" thick). Sheet metal has "spring back". So, if you are going to try to do it yourself, you will need a smaller diameter form than the 4 1/2" radius you need on the finished product. Just how much smaller depends on a number of factors. ---Takes experience. Since you are doing only one of these pieces, I'd suggest finding a shop to do it for you. Look up "welding" or "fabricating" in the yellow pages. Tell them what you want to do, including the thickness of the stock and the accuracy to which it has to be done.

Pete Stanaitis


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